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Our Team

We are a team of facilitators, trainers and consultants.

We are a truly global training organisation.

We have over 100 facilitators and specialists delivering training for us, enabling us to use the best people for each client’s needs. Here are some of them.

Core Team



Tristan started in the automotive industry, helping engineers to master the human side of engineering. His calm, thoughtful manner is key to helping organizations find the right solutions for changing and developing their people.

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Georgia 1 (2)

Georgia Shaw

Georgia’s international business experience make her a great client relationship and sales director. She builds long term partnering relationships with her clients, so they get what they need.

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Sarah 1 (2)

Sarah Shaw

Sarah is an international Canadian who has a great marketing and business background. She has a clear understanding of business drivers and how the global environment impacts on the more local one. We call her ‘superbrain’ for her strategic problem solving capability.

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Dirk Schirmer

Dirk Schirmer heads up our finance, ICT and technical team. He is responsible for international logistics and fulfillment team . His focus and dry sense of humour mean that we always deliver on time, everywhere in the world.

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Amer 1 (3)

Amer Jabry

Amer is CLS’ deputy MD and an expert facilitator, designing and delivering transformational events for clients worldwide. His energy levels and intuitive way of working, make him a great partner to our largest clients.

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Facilitation & Training Team

Catharina 5


Catharina balances her strong, international business experience with a sense of humour and highly practical approach. Her focus helps individuals and teams to present themselves well and be fully effective at work.

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Claudia 3 (2)


Claudia helps people to become the best leader they can be. With a background in communications and political environments. she encourages everyone to understand themselves and achieve their potential.

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David has a dual background in accountancy & HR so he understands your issues. His quiet approach inspires confidence and he focuses on enabling managers and leaders to be their best, every day.

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Deepa 2 (2)


Deepa trains and coaches people to develop their skills and become more powerful as leaders and managers. With strong HR experience, she knows first hand how important good managers are to business.

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Eva E2 (3)


Eva brings energy and focus to her training. She helps people prepare for the change they need to achieve, so their teams can flourish. Eva works globally to develop business managers and leaders.

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Hywel 1 (2)


Hywel’s global, senior management background means he understands your challenges. His expertise in developing leaders & managers helps you to fulfill your potential.

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Jacqueline W 4 (2)


Jacqueline has spent 20 years helping people across two continents, fulfill their potential as leaders. With degrees in law and corporate governance, Jacqueline helps boards of charities and social enterprises transform their approach.

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Jon S3 (2)


Jon takes energy and creativity to a new level, delivering management & leadership training across the globe. You will have a colourful, experiential development programme with Jon.

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Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo brings energy, passion and a sense of fun to all his training sessions. Based in Mexico, he works internationally.

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Lynn 2


Lynn is both Canadian and Lebanese, fluent in several cultures and languages. Her passion is in helping people find their passion and using that to build themselves, their communities and their business.

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Mark is an American who is truly global in his approach. He encourages leaders & managers to value their experience and build on it.

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Nadja 5 (2)


Nadja believes that everyone should love their job and do it well. Her approach to training is practical and encouraging. Nadja coaches, trains, facilitates and supports people to become their best.

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Paul Chng


Paul believes in concrete, real world solutions. He is a business man with multi-national experience focuses on helping people create and sustain successful work environments.

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Rob is an experienced business leader with a strong background in tech, marketing, management and learning. He is great at listening, then suggesting practical ways to move forward.

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Ryan Edwards is an entrepreneur who uses his international experience to help managers think creatively to move their teams and businesses forward.

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Susi W


Susi helps people unleash their creativity and lateral thinking. She loves a good quote. “Don’t judge each day by the harvest
you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson

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Sylvia is our lead coach and believes in building confidence as well as skills, helping people to identify their strengths effectively at work.

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Thomas O 4


Thomas’ business background is core to his approach. He uses a practical approach to help companies align their teams, improve productivity and business growth.

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Tim K1 (2)


A Canadian in Europe, Tim is an exceptional management trainer helping managers make a difference on the ground. Tim’s highly practical approach is valued by our clients.

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Tim Cox 2 (3)


Tim’s business experience means he understands our clients’ environment. He loves helping companies use more of their people potential to develop and grow the business.

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It’s our creative, business focused people who make us what we are.

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