Experiential. And Virtual.


For a new Business as Usual.

Our online and virtual learning and development for global business has been running for over 10 years.

We are all in it now. Logistics are in place. A corner of our home has been turned into an office. Of sorts. We have a new sense of ‘business as usual’ which is far from normal. 

At CLS we help our clients find their new business as usual, despite the challenges of remote working and social distancing. In response to lockdown and whatever may follow, we collaborate with you on ways to actively support your people and organisation. All our virtual workshops reflect our usual way of working. They are all:


We create a natural learning environment online, similar to physical workshops. Our learning is engaging and immersive with active participation. People learn and enjoy the experience. You won’t find any other workshops like ours. 


We are technology agnostic. We can use your delivery platform or choose one which best suits the content. We can prepare people to use the online learning tools so they spend time learning, not struggling with being online. 


Our content is high quality and inspiring. It is practical and builds on participants existing knowledge and skills. Your sessions can be unique to you, or you can choose from our CLS Cafe menu. 


The CLS Blueprint 

Typically our virtual workshops are delivered as 90 – 120 minute sessions in a blended format. For bespoke learning we work with you on a diagnosis and analysis before designing and delivering a unique session. Our follow up activity and support includes reporting, evaluation, additional learning materials; whatever is needed to give you the enhanced, tailored learning your organisation needs.  

CLS Café 

Our ready to order offering ranges from short, impactful, large group webinars, to longer, interactive, reflective learning. You can also use this menu to help think through what you most need for your teams. 

Virtual Business Challenge 

For workbased learning which can transform your organisation and people, try this proven approach. 

Virtual Team Building 

Whether it’s a new or established team, sometimes you just need to get everyone working together. This highly engaging approach helps teams to change their approach and find fresh impetus.  

Virtual Coaching  

Coaching for individuals and teams is part of our core offer. Coaching allows time to embed learning, solve specific problems or focus on strategic solutions.  

Experiential learning in a class of its own

We aim to deliver an enhanced virtual experience. This gives you: 

A workshop which creates learning they will use again and again

A surprising and positive experience

Something special

A “wow” experience which they cannot wait to tell their colleagues about

How is your organisation adapting? 
To support our clients, we focus on themes directly relevant to your Business Continuity

This includes essential skills such as helping managers and leaders adapt to a virtual and remote business world, planning and processes, virtual coaching, performance management and behaviour. 

How are your employees coping? 
This focuses on well-being and resilience, enabling people to be their best. 

As well as practical tools for individuals and teams, to manage stress and cope well with change, we akso help you strengthen and build the organisation you need, for today’s environment. 

What can you do differently? 
We help you focus on the future and find new ways to do business in a shifting business world. 

We help your people develop skills for design, innovation, agility and creativity. These can transform your current business and create new opportunities. 

We are here to help

Would you like this kind of impact for your organisation? Do get in touch to discuss how we can help you right now. Our experiential learning is highly practical, engaging and transformational. We are helping organisations thrive and innovate. Would you like to be one of them?

Cecilia Westin Curry is sales lead for the UK, Ireland and Nordic countries. For an informal discussion on whether we are the right people to partner with you, do get in touch with her. Cecilia moves between Scotland, Sweden and Zoom

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