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It's all about you. Wherever you are, whatever you need.

Our programmes change people, culture, organisations. Here are some themes our clients ask us to design & deliver.

Every programme is written to a specific client brief. When we work for you, you get unique design for your unique needs.

High performance teams

Agile, high performance teams transform your business.

Presenting with impact

Highly interactive workshop for excellent presentations, every time.

Managing meetings

Meetings which deliver performance for everyone.

Giving and receiving feedback

Improve productivity for yourself, your teams, your peers.

We design everything around you.

Writing with Impact

For people who want their writing to lead to action.

Courageous conversations

When you need to have that difficult talk and do it right. 

Agile leadership

For leaders who need to be effective in a changing world.  

Effective Business Writing

Write clearly & persuasively whoever you write for.

Start your leadership journey

Intensive programme with coaching for future leaders.

Interviewing skills

Upgrade your skills so you hire the right people. 

Unconscious bias

For when you want everyone to work at their best. 

Inter- cultural competences

Understand yourself and others, across cultures. 

Personal effectiveness & resilience

Turning difficulties into opportunities. 

Whatever your needs talk to us.

Leadership team-building & retreats

Intensive, interactive development for leadership teams.

Team Coaching

Coaching teams for performance.

Stress and resilience with mindfulness

Help your people to be their best selves at work.

Executive coaching

Tailored coaching programmes for executive teams.

Active listening

Interactive learning for better working relationships.

Influencing and negotiation skills

Practical workshop to take your skills to the next level.

Assertiveness at work

What is it? When to use it? How to make it work for you.

Fundamentals of modern project management

Essential practical skills & tools for everyone who is involved in projects.

Talent management

Tools and strategies for attracting and retaining the people you need.

We start by listening.

Cross-cultural communication

Effective communication for a global environment.

Customer Focus

Creating a mindset and behaviours for real customer impact.

Effective Decision-Making

Develop your skills for making good decisions & getting buy-in.

Respectful Workplace

What does it mean? How do you make it real for everyone?

Coaching skills

How and when to coach, improve your skills and confidence.

Recruitment & selection

Strategic skills and practice for business improvement.

Achieving standards

Training in specific skills to meet internal standards & examinations.

Advanced communication skills

For everyone involved in sales and account management.

Blended delivery

Training to support all your people, in all locations in ways which work.

Develop confidence in applying your skills.

Digital learning

Creating highly bespoke solutions for complex companies.

Instructional design

Creating manuals & training to train your own people, so they can train others.

Conflict management

Create better workplaces by managing conflict effectively.

Leading in a VUCA world

Confident, creative leadership skills in changing, uncertain times.

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When you need practical, real world training which works.

Our training has been changing the realities of individuals, teams and organisations for years. It works because we design and deliver for the outcomes you need.

Let's get the learning right for your business needs.
Creating calm and control in a volatile, uncertain, changing world.

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Let's get the learning right for your business needs.
It's all about you. Wherever you are, whatever you need. We are here to help your business thrive.
Creating calm and control in a volatile, uncertain, changing world.

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