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The Latte

The Espresso

An interactive, experiential online learning event, for small groups, to engage in immersive learning. These workshops are delivered by our subject experts. You build on your current skill and knowledge, take it up a couple of levels and find your approach to work is transformed.

The latte is perfect for deep, fun, practical and engaging learning. The Latte is 1 – 2 hours long, with time for reflection and discussion. You won’t find any other online workshops like these. 

For intense, powerful, sips of learning, this is for you. Our short, snappy, large group webinars will leave you buzzing to use your learning.

These sessions are suitable for anyone who wants to pick up and learn to use a new skill or idea, quickly and effectively. If you only have a little time, invest it in developing yourself. 

The Espresso webinars are large group, approx. 30 minutes long. 

The Detox

For individuals and teams, The Detox sessions focus on building resilience and well-being.

Engaging, experiential learning online, these workshops are for small groups to allow for immersive learning. Detox workshops are up to 2 hours long. Our learning experts give you opportunity to:

  • Learn ways to manage stress, both your own and others'.
  • Find ways to react positively to constant change.
  • Develop techniques to support your colleagues and team.
  • Identify well-being resources which work for you.
  • Understand how to be effective at managing pressure from all directions.

Menu Selection

Strategic Decision Making for Business Impact

Leadership Styles and how to adapt yours

Communication in a Virtual World

Managing in a changing Business Environment

Effective Performance Management

Managing people remotely

Team Support & Communication

Highly productive teams

Persuading, influencing and selling online

Keeping customers in a changing world

Sales skills for online selling

Managing remote and

virtual sales teams

Decision making tools 

Developing organizational agility

All of our menu can be delivered as a Latte or Espresso. We can include and tailor any of  these choices in your Speciality Coffee selection. 

Speciality Coffee

If you are looking for something more bespoke, perhaps long-term and modular, we can offer specialist management master classes tailored specifically for your organisation.  These are designed to fit your needs and current situation. Your situation is unique; our learning delivery is unique to you.

Our proven approach is virtual, online and very effective. As with all our learning, these specialist workshops are highly practical, energising and deeply experiential. Transform your management and leadership practice and become agile in a changing world.

For maximum impact, we include one to one and peer coaching.  This is the gold standard used by our largest global clients, such as UNICEF, Vice Media and DHL.

Cecilia Westin Curry is sales lead for the UK, Ireland and Nordic countries. For an informal discussion on the choices which will work for you and your organisation,  get in touch with her. Cecilia moves between Scotland, Sweden and Zoom

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