Nadja is a linguist who became a trainer when she realised how important it is to have skills which enable you to do the job you need to do. “I had to deliver a presentation at university to a big audience. For the first 15 minutes I was too scared to look at them. Afterwards, I thought, I need to develop a training session to help people like me, be good at delivering presentations.”

Since then, Nadja has gone on to deliver many more “soft” skills, all of which are focused on helping people be calm, in control and efficient at work. “If you know how to deal with the negative and the stress at work, you enjoy your job more and you are better at doing it.” She knows from experience that training like this does not always have an immediate impact. Sometimes it takes months or years for the training to come into effect. Because people are given time and encouragement to put their skills into practice during the training, they know how to use them when the time comes.

“A director from Bulgaria spoke to me 3 or 4 years after the training. We delivered project management training and he used that. We also did presentation training and he thought he would never use it. He told me he was now using it every day, doing major presentations and he used what he learned every day.”

Nadja is very clear about how CLS is different to other training companies. “Most companies give you a course to deliver and won’t let you change it, even if it’s below the level of the participants. With CLS we are in direct contact with the customer. We can deliver training to many groups and every one will be different. We listen to what they need, we tailor the training to suit each group. We can change it on the day if we need to. It means people get the training they need, the training which helps them do their work.”

Nadja is fluent in four languages, works across Europe and is certified in NLP, DISC and brings kindness and humour to all her training.

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