Is your team performing?

Check your team performance with this Tuckman model quiz

Is your team performing?

Are you a group or a team?

Too often we get stressed about why a team isn’t performing as well as it could, before we have even asked what stage it’s at. Every team globally has had some change and challenge so it’s important to ask,  “where is the team now?” Tuckman’s team model is a useful way of measuring your team’s current situation. It can give you a great starting point for discussion and development. 

What stage is your team?

Your team may be new or long established. It could be a traditional face to face team in a single location, or a multi-site, multi-country team of remote or hybrid workers. No matter what kind of team you are in, teams change because the people in them change. Don’t assume your team is at the same stage now that it was a year or two ago. The team might need 

How do you want the team to develop?

Teams are organic. They can be unpredictable, wonderful to work in, frustrating, exciting, difficult or welcoming. Whatever stage your team is at, you probably want it to develop further. If it’s already great, then you want to maintain that. Take some time to complete the quiz and find out what each team member thinks of the team.  If you want to read more about Tuckman’s model, try this article

Where next for the team?

When everyone in the team has completed the quiz, you can compare the results. If there is a range of views, you will want to work on developing the team to help it be the best it can be.  If you would like to talk about team coaching, team development or developing leaders, do get in touch. We have a great track record in helping companies to develop their teams; real, physical, virtual  & hybrid. Wherever and whoever your teams are, we understand their challenges.




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