Good managers are good for business

Good managers are good for business

Business success is built by managers

“A manager’s effect on a workplace is so significant that Gallup can predict 70% of the variance in team engagement just by getting to know the boss.”

Good people managers are good for business. The further away a team is from direct contact with senior leaders, the more critical the manager is to team performance. Great leadership starts at the top but it can’t stop there. If your managers are good at managing people, you have significantly better organizational performance than a competitor with worse people management practices. 

How engaged are your employees?

Engagement is key to organizational resilience. It’s critical to innovation, agility, problem solving, cost reduction, employee loyalty and team success. Engagement is driven by management behaviour. If your manager uses the right kind of approach and behaviours, then the team will trust the manager and become fully engaged with their work. Working with disengaged employees is like trying to work with one hand tied behind your back. 

Are your people thriving?

Thriving is like working at peak performance, driving in top gear, or hitting your stride as a runner. People who are thriving report they are treated with respect all day and they smile and laugh a lot at work. They love their jobs, they are committed to their work and they become the organization’s critical success factors. These are the people who bring reality to a leader’s vision. 

Do your managers have the skills?

Being a manager requires a complex series of skills. Technical knowledge to have effective oversight of the function, management  understanding of how the organization works, the KPIs and flow of management actions. Then on top of that, they need to be good people managers. That is arguably the most challenging and complex area of managment. Whatever the level of experience, management skills benefit from refreshing, to keep confidence, skill level and impact high.  If you would like to talk about helping your managers be genuinely effective, do get in touch. We understand how to help managers stay on top of their challenges. 




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